Belgrade Squash Club

Belgrade Squash Club
6. October 2018

Juniours Trophy of Belgrade

Juniors Trophy of Belgrade took place on Saturday, 06. of October in Belgrade Squash Club. Six girls and nine boys played 15 matches with 53 games in total.

Curiously, both finals ended with total of 74 points.

In two categories (girls and boys under 19) juniors between 8 and 17 years of age played together. That was great chance for younger players to test their skills, in early matches, against older friends, and gain valuable experience.

As tournaments progressed, matches between more equally skilled players took place, and tournament ended with two finals with plenty of excitements and respectable level of squash skills.


Final Standings

1. Anđela Vrgotić

2. Jovana Krstonošić

3. Mina Mijatović

4. Tijana Pecikoza

5. Maja Aleksić

6. Ksenija Pecikoza


Final Standings

1. Vukašin Vitorović

2. Mihailo Conić

3. Jovan Radovanović

4. Luka Mijatović

5. Pavle Aleksić

6. Lazar Prokić

7. Ilija Pecikoza

8. Lazar Janjić

Detailed results

Detailed results, match by match, are available at: - Trophy of Belgrade 2018

We wish to expres our gratitude to YesLetNet for their fantastic online solution for squash tournament management.


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